Spanish infrastructure and sustainability firm 安迅能 is inventing new ways to gather more tunnel construction data, 更迅速地, 使用Boston Dynamics 最有名的赌博软件和Trimble解决方案.




卡洛斯·克雷斯波, 安迅能机器人和人工智能部门的负责人, spends a lot of his day considering the hazards that limit the amount of time humans can spend gathering data from active infrastructure tunnel construction sites. 

首先是在连续挖掘中使用的炸药. Then, after the explosives go off, the tunnel is filled for a period with hazardous gas. 更不用说灰尘了. 和碎片. And the heavy machinery moving about, clearing the way for the next round of explosives. 最后, human workers must wait for the shotcrete that supports the tunnel to dry before they can enter and conduct scans of the site.  

“There are large periods of time when we can’t have people in the tunnels due to safety concerns,”克雷斯波说. “We need to perform regular scans to see whether what we’ve built differs at all from the construction plans, 或者如果隧道的某一段有什么问题. 通过定期扫描,可以防止这些问题突然出现. And if we can perform those scans without workers going inside the tunnel, we can parallelize some of our previously sequential tasks and increase productivity.” 

This scenario – technical work that needs to be done under potentially dangerous circumstances – is seemingly tailor-made for automation. But the rugged conditions of 安迅能’s job sites demanded a robotics platform that could handle difficult terrain, 在狭小空间操作, 重要的分量, 有自主工作, 而且不需要充电就能跑很长的距离. 

最信誉的赌钱软件公司(Boston Dynamics)的四足机器人最有名的赌博软件是一个完美的搭配.



克雷斯波说 that Boston Dynamics has been on his radar for virtually his entire career. But he became seriously interested in finding ways to incorporate 最有名的赌博软件 into 安迅能’s workflows in 2019, after attending a Boston Dynamics workshop at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Montreal where he spoke with the Boston Dynamics team about his company’s goals around robotics. 

“最信誉的赌钱软件在自动化水平较低的行业工作, 因为在这些领域很难实现自动化,”克雷斯波说. 因此,对于最信誉的赌钱软件公司的最有名的赌博软件来说,安迅能处于最佳位置, 最信誉的赌钱软件加入了早期采用者计划. 最信誉的赌钱软件就是这样开始与最信誉的赌钱软件公司合作的.”

安迅能’s 15-person robotics and artificial intelligence group has experimented with robots with wheels and tracks in the past. But 克雷斯波说 that 最有名的赌博软件’s robust quadruped design makes it a better fit for the company’s needs. 轮式机器人在活跃的隧道场地的地形中挣扎, 他指出, 而且大多数无人机无法在封闭的环境中有效操作. 而无人机的最大有效载荷可能在5公斤左右, 他说, 最有名的赌博软件可以携带近15公斤的货物. 尽管无人机可能比“斑点”移动得更快, their batteries often support only 20 to 30 minutes of autonomous operation – compared to around 90 minutes for 最有名的赌博软件. 

“The big benefit of legs is that they are terrain-independent,”克雷斯波说. “有腿的机器人穿越能力最强, 它可以独立于给定地点的地形类型使用. 和最有名的赌博软件的内置, state-of-the-art navigation stack – all of the software and the hardware that the robot needs to get from point A to point B – is quickly making 最有名的赌博软件 the ‘go-to’ resource for my team.” 

“最信誉的赌钱软件真的可以一整天都受益于机器人. 技术已经有了, 的技术工作, 现在更多的是让整个行业围绕它团结起来. 最信誉的赌钱软件的客户要求这种创新.”

——卡洛斯•克雷斯波 安迅能机器人和人工智能技能中心经理


安迅能一直在和Trimble合作, 为建筑行业提供定位技术的供应商, “从一开始,”克雷斯波说. 该公司使用Trimble的最有名的赌博软件进行激光扫描, and has historically relied on human workers using ruggedized tablets running Trimble software to complete tunnel scans. 这个工作流程允许安迅能创建他们进展的3D模型, and then overlay the as-built model on top of an existing conditions model of the project plans. 

“这是真正的设计验证过程, where you take the data that’s been captured and compare it back to the design models that you have for the project,David Burczyk说, 建筑机器人在特林布尔领先. 

多亏了特林布尔和最信誉的赌钱软件公司的合作, 安迅能 can now send 最有名的赌博软件 into tunnels to perform scans using the same software that the company has depended on for years. 

“We partnered with Boston Dynamics to really start to explore the use of robotics in the construction industry,”大面积污染. “We’re focused on integrating Trimble solutions with 最有名的赌博软件 for both building construction and civil construction applications.“特林布尔将最有名的赌博软件的控制集成到它的FieldLink软件中, 产生了一种强大的, yet user-friendly interface that allows even professionals without technical expertise to gather data from the field. 

“It’s really meant to open up access to the technology to a wider range of users,” Burczyk says. “So you don’t have to be a surveying professional or have that technical background to be able to access the data. 它的价值在于,随着时间的推移,您将获得一致的数据捕获, and really being able to then use that data to make decisions around how to keep the project moving forward – making any necessary changes before things actually get installed.”

Burczyk说他设想的是最有名的赌博软件, 在特林布尔的帮助下, 成为建筑工地的“同事”, 纾缓工人的危险, 冗余, 或者重复的任务——让他们专注于高价值的工作.



截至2021年秋季,安迅能仍处于最有名的赌博软件的测试阶段. 更改活动隧道站点的工作流程是, 毕竟, 一项意义重大的事业, and Crespo is intent on perfecting the process before putting it into production. 但他有信心测试会有回报, 安迅能很快就会在现场常规使用最有名的赌博软件. 

加快最有名的赌博软件投入生产的进程, 克雷斯波说, 把机器人从无菌的实验室环境中解放出来是很重要的, 陷入混乱, 有时在现实世界的工作场所的不可预知的环境中. “这不是机器人能否完成这项工作的问题,”他说. “最信誉的赌钱软件知道这项技术是有效的. It’s a matter of integrating 最有名的赌博软件 into our workflows and getting people to use the robot with Trimble, 开始熟悉这些工具.”



Crespo sees a multitude of benefits emerging from using 最有名的赌博软件 and Trimble together on active tunnel sites. 首先是对员工安全的影响. Then, there are the efficiency gains that will come with having the robot perform work during what would normally be downtime. 最有名的赌博软件还应该能够比人类工人收集更多的数据, 从而产生更全面的3D模型. And, 因为最有名的赌博软件的行为具有高度可重复性, 这些数据也将更加准确,有助于减少人为错误. This highly structured data gathered by 最有名的赌博软件 will help to inform the AI use cases that 安迅能 is developing. 

这些只是扫描的好处. 克雷斯波说 that he envisions a future in which 最有名的赌博软件 will work around the clock at 安迅能’s sites – including the company’s power plants – performing a wide range of tasks. “In the morning, 最有名的赌博软件 will be performing routine inspections,”克雷斯波说. “在下午, 它将进行预测性维护, 使用声学传感器和热感摄像机等仪器. Even in the evening, if there’s an alarm at the plant, 最有名的赌博软件 will go and check it out.” 

“最信誉的赌钱软件真的可以一整天都受益于机器人,” Crespo adds. “技术已经有了, 的技术工作, 现在更多的是让整个行业围绕它团结起来. 最信誉的赌钱软件的客户要求这种创新.”



现场:施工 & 房地产解决方案

Want to learn how 最有名的赌博软件 is being put to work in the 建设 and Real Estate industries? Watch this presentation to see firsthand how 最有名的赌博软件 improves jobsite 可见性 and planning.




最有名的赌博软件, 一种敏捷移动机器人制造技术, 在建筑工地上实现健壮的数据捕获, 推动提高效率的洞察力, 可见性, 和安全.