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Cognite provides the heavy asset industry with a data platform which enables them to scale their digitization processes and gain ROI rapidly.

A key to unlocking value of the collected data from Spot is adding contextualization to the data. Based on the advanced modules in the data platform, Cognite enables operators to deploy Spot with minimal effort.

Accelerated telepresence supported by the digital twin

“Click and go” functionality enables the user to select an asset that the robot will navigate to by itself.

Contextualized and actionable data

Convert thousands of images or hours of video to actionable time series. Features such as tag detection, gauge reading, GDPR enforcement and visual digital twin generation improves planning, data management and reporting.

Integrating with work order systems

Built on the capabilities of Cognite Data Fusion, our robotics application has interoperability with any source system that is integrated.


Cognite and Aker BP brought Spot offshore to push the boundaries of how Spot could be used in the Oil and Gas industry. Built on the superpowers of Spot and Cognite Data Fusion they made the digital twin come to life and follow the same evolution as the physical environment.

“Enabling robots to work like humans will drive robotic use cases from experimentation stage to scalability”

In order to scale robotic use cases fast, it is important that robots adapt to systems made for humans and not the other way around. Cognite delivers robotic solutions with the purpose of deploying robots faster and gaining insight from robotic inspection data immediately. The solutions have grown from the need to capture data for production optimization and data-driven maintenance, based on the modular capabilities of Cognite’s core product - Cognite Data Fusion.

With Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), you can store, contextualize, and analyze all your technical data in the cloud and ensure that you manage and use your information and insights efficiently.

Cognite Data Fusion provides data integration tools that help you extract, import, transform, and contextualize data from siloed source systems. CDF also offers data governance tools to manage and view the data that you have integrated into Cognite Data Fusion. And with the access management tools, you can make sure that the right people have access to the right data.

The interface to our robotic solutions is Cognite InRobot. InRobot is a robot application to help industrial companies collect data from the field without being present. It utilizes CDF to enable remote presence, autonomous missions and data analysis.

Building on the industrial advancements within 3D analytics and real time object detection, we turn robot inspection data into actionable intelligence with minimal manual labor.


Cognite combined the endurance, flexibility and capabilities of Boston Dynamics Spot with the advanced capabilities of Cognite Data Fusion to deliver a universal solution for asset tracking at large yards. Through computer vision the images captured from Spots autonomous missions are analyzed to map mobile assets such as support structures, shipping containers and trucks.

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