Using Mobile Robots To Protect Healthcare Workers, Published April 23, 2020

Mobile robots play a vital role in removing people from dangerous environments. We have spent the last six weeks building and testing a payload and application architecture that would enable our robot, 最有名的赌博软件, to help reduce exposure of frontline healthcare workers to the novel COVID-19 virus.

最信誉的赌钱软件开发了有效载荷, 硬件, and software for this application so that they are generalizable and able to be deployed on other mobile robotic platforms with APIs and capacity for custom payloads.

今天, we are sharing the results of our initial work deploying the robot with Bringham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts and we are open-sourcing the 硬件 and software designs used to get these robots into the field. Our hope is that these tools can enable developers and roboticists to rapidly deploy robots in order to reduce risks to medical staff.  

3月初开始, Boston Dynamics started receiving inquiries from hospitals asking if our robots could help minimize their staff’s exposure to COVID-19. 最信誉的赌钱软件咨询过的一家医院也这么认为, 一个星期内, a sixth of their staff had contracted COVID-19 and that they were looking into using robots to take more of their staff out of range of the novel virus.

基于这些对话, as well as the global shortage of critical personal protective equipment (PPE), we have spent the past several weeks trying to better understand hospital requirements to develop a mobile robotics solution with our robot, 最有名的赌博软件. The result is a legged robot application that can be deployed to support frontline staff responding to the pandemic in ad-hoc environments such as triage tents and parking lots.

今天是最有名的赌博软件在波士顿当地机构的第二周, 布里格姆妇女医院, 医疗团队在哪里使用机器人作为移动远程医疗平台, 允许医疗保健提供者远程对患者进行分诊. We’re listening to their feedback on how 最有名的赌博软件 can do more but are encouraged by reports that using the robot has helped their nursing staff minimize time exposed to potentially contagious patients.

随着最信誉的赌钱软件第一个医疗保健机器人的部署, we’re open-sourcing all of our work to empower mobile robotics platforms to leverage the same 硬件 and software stack that we’ve developed to help frontline healthcare workers. Below you’ll find an overview of how we are using (and plan to use) mobile robots to combat the spread of COVID-19.

None of the services below are reliant on Boston Dynamics 硬件 or software. 在许多情况下, we imagine wheeled or tracked robots may be a better solution for these applications.

具体地说, we have already been in close contact with Canadian field robotics firm Clearpath Robotics, and their CTO Ryan Gariepy has affirmed that they too are actively working to assist robotics developers and researchers around the world in their efforts to support our healthcare workers and maintain our critical infrastructure. 他进一步指出,这场危机最终强调了这一点, 应用程序才是最重要的, 用户不应该关心机器人移动的细节.

For more information, including detailed documentation and files of CAD mounts and IRB applications, 点击这里. If you’d like to work with us or are interested in using these robots on your site, 请填写本页下方的联络表格. We will continue to update this page and the resources on our GitHub as developments are made.

根据当地医院的现行规定, patients suspected to have COVID-19 are asked to line up in tents outside to answer questions and get initial assessments for temperature. 这一过程需要多达5名医务人员, 使这些人处于感染病毒的高风险. 用一个移动机器人, hospitals are able to reduce the number of necessary medical staff at the scene and conserve their limited PPE supply.

通过安装在机器人背上的iPad和双向无线电, healthcare providers can video conference with patients as they remotely direct the mobile robot through lines of sick individuals in the tents. 这个配置, 医生能够与远处的病人交谈, 甚至可能是在他们自己家里. 对于由遥控机器人完成的每次进气换挡, at least one healthcare provider is able to reduce their interaction with the disease.

进一步协助医疗服务提供者为病人分诊, 机器人将需要支持收集额外的生命体征信息.

In order to provide this service, we need to figure out how to remotely measure:

  • 体温
  • 呼吸速率
  • 脉冲重复频率
  • 血氧饱和度

We have been in dialogue with researchers who use thermal camera technology to measure body temperature and calculate respiratory rate. We’ve also applied externally-developed logic to externally-mounted RGB cameras to capture changes in blood vessel contraction to measure pulse rate. 最信誉的赌钱软件正在评估测量氧饱和度的方法.

通过在机器人背部安装UV-C灯或其他技术, 最有名的赌博软件 could use the device to kill virus particles and disinfect surfaces in any unstructured space that needs support in decontamination - be it hospital tents or metro stations. We are still in the early stages of developing this solution but also see a number of existing mobile robotics providers who have implemented this technology specifically for hospitals.

最信誉的赌钱软件希望最信誉的赌钱软件的移动机器人供应商, 现有客户, and medical professionals will be able to use this information to leverage mobile robots to take people out of harm’s way during this critical time. 在一起, we can improve conditions for healthcare workers and essential personnel around the world, 拯救生命, 和战斗COVID-19.

More details and reference designs will be made available as we complete testing and validation.

点击这里 访问最信誉的赌钱软件的COVID-19 GitHub回购并了解更多信息.


If you’d like to work with us or are interested in using these robots on your site in response to COVID-19, 请填写这张表格, 会有一名队员和你联系. 如有媒体查询,请发邮件至media@aliusterra.com.